Our virtual office has the purpose of providing services for the preparation of suspension and revocation of CNH and permission resources, in a serious and effective way, seeking to provide services always supported by the BRAZILIAN TRANSIT CODE - ORDINANCES - RESOLUTIONS and JURISPRUDENCES, which allows a broad right of defence.

Our job is to analyze the driver's medical record, age, profession, length of driver's license, personal circumstances, such as the need to drive, etc. suspension, you can continue driving while the procedure is in progress, in order to avoid future inconvenience.

Due to the lack of knowledge about the Brazilian Traffic Code, as well as the Traffic Law itself, you may think that it is not feasible to appeal.

It is such thinking that encourages the Public Administration to continue applying penalties indiscriminately.

By exercising the right of defense, you are helping the Public Administration to analyze in which points it is wrong, thus being able to improve the National Transit System.

It is true that the avenues of our cities are full of offenders, people who have no respect for the Traffic Laws, much less their lives and that of other people. However, you, a citizen aware of your rights and duties, cannot pay for their irresponsibility. Should, therefore, if it thinks that there is such a right, run after the cancellation of the penalty arbitrarily applied.

What makes us different?

From your explanation of the facts by form or via email, we will analyze the suspension process, in all aspects, we will make the appeal in the best possible way.

Why don't we publish the results?

1 – By disclosing the results of other cases, we can give the wrong impression to our future customers, as some companies only disclose some cases of Deferral, we do not want to generate false illusions, we prefer to analyze your case and give a position if it is possible or not, if it is not possible or the chances are minimal, we speak, we do want new customers, but aware, knowing that we will do our best to reverse this situation.

2 – By disclosing the result of appeals, we will have to disclose customer data, and we do not disclose our customer data to anyone in any way.

3 - We don't give fraudulent ways, we are totally against dishonest methods for canceling fines or points, we work within the legality, making resources at Brazil level, sending your resource ready in your email.

We can help you prepare a personalized and reasoned appeal, just click on the link below and send your details and the suspension or revocation notice: